Our Trainers

Our trainers have high technical and methodological competencies. On our programs we motivate our participants to join the lifelong learning process. That’s why it is crucial also for our trainers to permanently refresh their knowledges and develop their skills.

Our team consists of trainers with different professional backgrounds and knowledges: teachers, psychologists, social educators, mountain rescuers and engineers. They have been chosen according to specific requirements. What is common for them is the positive attitude towards the nature, the group facilitation skill, empathy, sensitivity, patience, overview and perspicacity which are needed for effective connection making with the groups.

They are creating physically and emotionally safe environment for the participants during the training.

Together with the group they are defining the issues on which they should work together and also the areas of potential development of the group and individuals. In the following step the trainers are supporting the transfer of the new conclusions to the real life.

They are choosing activities according to the changing needs of the group members and the group. The purpose is to provide an optimal learning opportunity in the exact situation.

Their most important task is to facilitate and support the group- and individual-development processes; to maximize the learning potential, while keeping the safe frames; to turn the learning to a more conscious process and to draw parallels with personal and professional life.